Newscene, Dec. 14: Cohen talks, locals worry about shutdown and Castaneda retires

Another semester of Newscene wraps with the final broadcasts of the fall 2018 term.

Shaunda Walker covers the public statements by Michael Cohen after his sentencing and Stephanie Alonso talks to locals about their concern over a possible government shutdown. Alonzo also sits down with Professor Laura Castaneda, who retires after 17 years at City College. To watch the interview, click on the videos above. To read a story on Castaneda’s retirement in the winter edition of the Legend magazine, click here.

The fall edition of Anchor Wars goes to the team on air for the day’s second show.

Marissa Gonzales, Edgar Yudkevich, Jeff Villegas and Alexandra Rangel anchor. Justin Barber and Matthew Schaerer cover entertainment, Celia Jimenez and Juan Gomez update sports, and Kenyatta Rigmaiden adds the weather.

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